Sunday Brunch: Roasted Hatch Green Chile Burger

CHICAGO -- DMK Burger Bar's executive chef, Michael Kornick, stopped by WGN to talk about franchising DMK Burger and show us how to make Burger #4 off his menu:  Roasted Hatch Green Chile, Fried Farm Egg, Sonoma Jack, Smoked Bacon Burger.

DMK Burger Bar is now accepting franchise application. Their goal is to have 400 locations over the next decade.

DMK Burger Bar
4 locations in Chicago area
Lake View, Navy Pier, Lombard, Oak Brook

Roasted Hatch Green Chile, Fried Farm Egg, Sonoma Jack, Smoked Bacon Burger


4 burger buns
20 oz grass fed beef 85/15 lean to fat ratio
6 oz softened butter
1/2 cup chopped raw onion
1 cup chopped hot Hatch New Mexican green chili’s
4 oz. sliced or grated jack cheese
8 strips crisp smoked bacon
4 eggs
Salt and pepper


1 form 4 five ounce patties gently into a diameter slightly larger than the bun.

2. In a little butter sweat the onions until tender, add the chili’s, cook a few minutes, season and reserve.

3. Season the burgers on both sides. Place the burgers in a hot skillet or griddle plate. Pat them down w a spatula. Let them cook until a little blood sleeps through the top.

4. Butter the buns and toast in a pan until warm and golden brown

5. Pan fry the eggs in butter, season w salt and pepper, cook until the whites are cooked and the yolks are runny.

6. Turn the burgers, pat down, top w cheese cover to melt the cheese w steam

7. To assemble, place the chili’s on the bottom bun, add the burger w/cheese up, top w the bacon, egg and top bun

8. Serve immediately