What was the date of the earliest recorded snowfall in Chicago?

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Dear Tom,

What was the date of the earliest recorded snowfall in Chicago?

Matt Downing

Dear Matt,

Chicago’s 2017-18 snowfall season should begin shortly as we approach the October 30 average date of the season’s first snowflakes. Since 1884, the start of the city’s snow season has varied tremendously, starting as early as September 25 with traces of snow in 1928 and 1942. The latest arrival of first flakes took place in 1999 when the city logged 0.1 inches of snow on December 5. The city’s earliest official occurrence of measurable snow was on October 12, 2006 when both Midway and O’Hare recorded 0.3 inches. Though the snow fell with great intensity, it quickly melted in the city, but it was a different story in the suburbs where up to 2 inches accumulated, creating a wintry landscape against a background of bright fall foliage.