How to spot an ATM skimmer and keep yourself safe

More than a dozen debit ATM card skimmers have been discovered throughout the city.

Security footage shows two males in a white van installing the skimmer on Sept 3 at the U.S. federal credit union in Portage, Indiana. On Sept 8, the same camera catches a woman with dark hair in a white Chrysler removing the device.

13 devices were found on ATM machines, mostly at Walgreen stores a few 7-11s and a couple banks.

How can you protect yourself?

Forrest Park Police Lt Ken Gross thieves will use two sided tape to stick their fake card reader over the real one.

After you make your transaction the thieves can download your data into a laptop.

Police say before you get your money out of the machine, pull on the card reader. Lt. Gross says his officers were able to pull all the skimmers off by hand.

The say always cover the key pad with your other hand so if there is a camera they won’t be able to see the numbers you hit.