What’s ahead this winter for travelers? United offers updates and tips

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What’s ahead this winter for travelers?

United Airlines is looking ahead at what turbulence winter weather might have in store and invited WGN News to their annual winter weather summit with employees from hubs across the country.

Sharing lessons learned in the previous winter season - and how to better prepare for the year ahead -  The 2017-2018 season forecasters believe will shape up similarly to last season.  They expect it will include average snowfall and possibly one or two blizzards, which the airline says its better equipped to handle this year.

There will be changes in de-icing protocols.  The technology and fluids used as well as application times should help keep more flights on schedule.

An FAA rule changes have made communication much more efficient between airlines, flight crews  and dispatchers, officials say.

And they are working with the city of Chicago now  to become more proactive in snow removal on runways which are difficult to use in snowy weather.