Newlyweds adopt stray dog who crashed their wedding

BRAZIL -- A stray dog found a forever home when he wandered into a wedding in Brazil.

Marília and Matheus Pieroni didn't mind the furry wedding crasher though. Instead of forcing the stray back outside, the newlyweds adopted the dog and named him "Snoop."

It was a rainy day and the couple's outdoor ceremony was moved to a tent to keep everyone dry -- and  Snoop was determined to stay out of the storm too.

According to The Dodo, Snoop wandered into the wedding tent several times . At first, guests tried to coax the muddy dog outside, but Snoop's persistence paid off.

He fell asleep on Marília's veil and stayed for the reception.

The Pieronis went home and decided they would adopt Snoop if they could find him again.

After a week, they finally tracked down the newest member of their family and brought him home.