Watch the Amazing Acro-Cats tricks, plus meet new band members of The Rock Cats!

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The Amazing Acro-Cats
Oct 19 thru Oct 22
Vittum Theatre
1012 N Noble st

Ever see a cat walk a tightrope?  Meow you can! Ever see someone's pet balance and roll on a ball across the floor?  Come see it here and meow!  OMG WHUT? - a cat riding a skateboard!  Alley the cat is even a Guiness world record holder.  But wait, there is so, so much more!  The grand finale, presenting the ONLY ALL CAT BAND IN EXISTENCE - Tuna and the Rock Cats! The  current band lineup is Tuna on Cowbell, Oz on guitar, Asti on Drums, and Nue on keyboard - Real cats purrforming with Real instruments have blown minds and educated audiences of all ages that CATS CAN ACTUALLY BE TRAINED! The Acro-cats have gained popularity on such shows like the Late Show with Stephen Colbert and on Animal Planet. You have to actually see it to believe it!
The Amazing Acro-cats is a troupe of REAL rescued house cats that entertain AND educate audiences on rescue, adoption, and clicker training. We have some new members and some new feats of agility! Come see the only all cat band in the entire world! New band members play some new instrumens too, Buggles has joined the band on Trumpet! Ahi Tuna is now playing the xylophone!

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