Obama surprises Chicago youth at Obama Foundation training session

CHICAGO -- Former President Obama made a surprise visit at The Obama Foundation's youth training exercise Saturday night.

The event was held at Gary Comer Youth Center where more than one hundred 18 to 24-year-olds were learning how to put civics into action and how to use their personal stories to shape their communities. The program's mission is "to energize young people – particularly those who are not yet engaged in civic life – and kickstart their work to make a difference."

According to the Chicago Tribune, this is the Obama Foundation's first initiative that focuses on youth.

"It is a time when young people should think about what it means to create change and how to do it constructively," Margaret Simms, a fellow and researcher at the Urban Institute, told the Tribune.

There are two remaining training sessions in Boston, Mass.  and Tempe, Ariz. next month.