Local woman to embark on family humanitarian effort to Puerto Rico

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Many Puerto Ricans in Chicago are spending their days looking at airline websites hoping to book a plane ticket to the island.

Sonia Reyes booked her ticket to Puerto Rico three weeks ago and plans to leave tomorrow on a humanitarian mission of her own.

She is going to pick up her mom and dad who have been living in a school turned shelter in the town of San Lorenzo since after Hurricane Maria.  Her mom is oxygen dependent and the couple is both in their mid 70`s

For the last three weeks, Sonia has been preparing for this rescue mission. She bought a generator so she can have power to help her dad clean the debris in their home in San Lorenzo, because she says she made him one promise before they come back to Chicago.

She also rented a satelite phone for $600 to deal with the lack of communication. She has extension cords. A lot of food including MREs a friend in the military donated to her and flashlights.

Her biggest fear is driving for the first time in Puerto Rico especially under the  circumstances.  So she printed out three different ways to get to her parents town  in the Southeast of the island.

But no matter how much stress she feels, she knows it doesn`t compare to what people on the island are going through to survive. She also feels for her parents who are having to leave behind their beloved land