Can you tell us about the extremely fierce winds in mountainous New England?

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Dear Tom,

I know that extremely fierce winds occur in mountainous New England, but we seldom hear about them. Details?

Western Springs

Dear Lefty,

The high peaks of New England, specifically Mt. Washington New Hampshire, are indeed, the recipients of some of the world’s strongest winds. The long-documented weather, logged at the Mt. Washington observatory (elevation 6,288 feet) is considered to be the nation’s worst, based on a combination of rain, snow, fog and the U.S record average wind speed of 35.1 mph. Mt. Washington’s long-time claim to fame was the world’s wind highest recorded gust of 231 mph set during a monster storm on April 12, 1934. However, that record fell on April 10, 1996 when a 253 mph wind gust was measured on Barrow Island off western Australia during Cyclone Olivia, even though the new record was not fully verified until 2010.

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