What was the first hurricane to be tracked by radar?

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Dear Tom,
What was the first hurricane to be tracked by radar?
— Dave Alvarez, Humboldt Park
Dear Dave,
The advent of radar in the late 1930s and early 1940 provided meteorologists with a new tool for studying storm structure. One of the first hurricanes ever scanned by radar was the Category 4 Great Atlantic Hurricane which traversed the Atlantic Coast from the North Carolina Outer Banks to the Canadian Maritimes in September 1944. The storm was scanned by an experimental Navy radar station at Lakehurst, N. J. as it passed about 60 miles offshore. The radar images were a revelation, showing a view of the storm’s well-organized spiral bands. In September, 1961, Dan Rather took a television crew to the Galveston Weather Bureau office to broadcast the first live hurricane radar pictures.