Pat Tomasulo impersonates Cam Newton laughing at female reporter’s question

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CHICAGO -- WGN sports reporter Pat Tomasulo did an impression of the Panthers quarterback Cam Newton's response to a female news reporter's question this Wednesday.

When Charlotte Observer reporter Jourdan Rodrigue asked Newton about wide receiver Devin Funchess’ route running, the former league MVP smiled and said, “it’s funny to hear a female talk about routes. It’s funny.”

Tomasulo, sporting a wool cap like Newton, starts his impersonation with: "I was talking to another one the other day. She was talking about making as much money as a man. It's funny to hear a female talking about equal pay."

He added:"You know what's really funny? A grown man wearing a wool cap indoors and a chin strap that he dyed blonde."

Newton claims he apologized to the reporter later, but the reporter, Rodrigue claims that never happened.