Child left at Safe Haven hospital reunites with nurses who took care of her

OAK PARK, Ill. -- A Safe Haven child, given up 10 years ago, returned to the hospital that accepted her as an infant for the first time.

Aidan Jane Millar-Nicholsonn was originally named "Baby Sunday" at West Suburban Medical Center, in Oak Park, Ill.

On Wednesday, she met the nurses who cared for her.

After a hug-filled reunion, "A.J.," as she’s called, and her mothers toured the ER where she was accepted, and the maternity ward where she received care.

It didn't take long for loving parents to adopt A.J.

There’s hope A.J.’s success story will raise awareness of the Safe Haven option for desperate parents.

The Safe Haven law says an unharmed infant up to 30 days old can be dropped off at a hospital or police station no questions asked.