Father of Sema’j Crosby: “I just want my baby to have justice”

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Five months after the death of 17-month old Sema’j Crosby, her father is speaking publicly and pushing for charges in the heartbreaking case.

“Something has to happen,” said James Crosby. “It’s going on too long.”

Sema’j was reported missing in Joliet Township. A frantic search ended 30 hours later right in the home where she lived. Her body was found under a couch. James Crosby was in jail on a theft charge when he received the news about his daughter.

Investigators have named several persons of interest including Sema’j’s mother, grandmother, and aunt.  No charges have been filed.

“I don`t know who is responsible,” said Crosby. “It’s kind of hard for me because it`s my family. It`s people that I trusted.”

Will County authorities deemed the home uninhabitable. It later went up in flames in suspected arson. Semaj`s case has raised serious questions about DCFS, which had been investigating allegations of abuse in the home for two years. A spokesperson for Will County says the investigation into the child’s death remains the highest priority for the sheriff’s department and the state’s attorney’s office