Chance the Rapper talks Chicago politics, debuts new song on ‘Colbert’

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NEW YORK CITY — Chance the Rapper says he does not plan on running for mayor of Chicago despite the city’s rising “Chano for Mayor” campaign.

On  Monday night’s episode of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” Chance the Rapper told Colbert that he “does not like politics.”

He said he believes that politics are “a fluid thing” that is always changing. He tries to focus more on enacting change than entertaining the public with his policies. Despite that, Chance is a strong supporter of education reform, especially within Chicago Public Schools.

Colbert and Chance went on to discuss Chance’s education initiative, which has raised $2.2 million for Chicago Public Schools. Chance works with the organization Social Works, a non-profit that supports “children, community, and culture.”

Chance’s fund for education, the New Chance Arts & Literature Fund , pushes back against legislation that has left art programs in Chicago public schools underfunded. The fund supports schools that have experienced a decrease in 5-year graduation rates, and it encourages students to stay in school through arts enrichment. The fund was created in collaboration with Social Works, Children First Fund, and Ingenuity.

Later on Colbert’s program, Chance the Rapper debuted a new untitled single reflecting on Chance’s struggles through his ascent to fame. The entire single was written and arranged just two days before Chance performed on Colbert. Watch his performance below: