What has been the longest-lasting named tropical cyclone on record?

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Dear Tom,
What has been the longest-lasting named tropical cyclone on record? Since named, Jose has been active for weeks.
— Rob Harkey, Barrington
Dear Rob,
Since it was named on Sept. 5, Jose, now in a dissipating stage, has been roaming the Atlantic for nearly three weeks, but it is far short of the 33-day life span of Hurricane 3 in 1899. That storm formed Aug. 2, 1899, west of the Cape Verde Islands, then traveled west through the Lesser Antilles. It struck Puerto Rico on Aug. 8 with winds of 140 mph, causing nearly 3,500 deaths. The storm skirted the Dominican Republic, then passed through the Bahamas. It came ashore Aug. 16 on the Outer Banks of North Carolina with 120 mph winds. The storm lost its tropical characteristics on Aug. 21 but redeveloped before dissipating as it moved through the Azores on Sept. 4.