Jimmy Kimmel gives ‘I do-over’ to couple who lost ring in viral video

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LOS ANGELES — The Kansas City couple who lost their engagement ring in a viral video received an “I do-over” on “Jimmy Kimmel LIVE” Wednesday night.

When Seth Dixon proposed to his girlfriend Ruth Salas earlier this month, he dropped her engagement ring through a crack in a bridge. The engagement ring was lost to the pond below, leaving the couple speechless in a viral video.

On Wednesday night’s show, Kimmel gave the couple an “I do-over” even though he was worried Dixon was now “engaged to a fish.”

Kimmel’s team recreated the bridge where the proposal was supposed to happen, and  jewelry designer Neil Lane presented the couple with a ring. The couple climbed the bridge,  Dixon got down on one knee again, and this time, the ring didn’t fall through the cracks. Kimmel’s sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez stood nearby with a fishing net just in case Dixon fumbled the ring again.

According to The Kansas City Star, the couple had already found their ring before they appeared on Jimmy Kimmel, but Dixon didn’t mention it on air.

Dixon and Salas have yet to say what they plan to do with the extra ring.