Midday Fix: Education a la Carte author Dr. Kevin Leman

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Dr. Kevin Leman


To purchase a copy of the book:

Education a la Carte: Choosing the Best Schooling Options for Your Child


What to Look For in a Quality Education

It has a warm, safe setting with faculty and staff who care individually about student welfare.

It has challenging academics with real-life application.

It covers well the four basics (math, science, history, English) but allows for exploration of talents.

It provides a healthy balance of respect, responsibility, accountability, and discipline.

It allows for differences in learning styles, personalities, and gifts.

It employs teachers who are qualified, certified, and cutting-edge in their field.

It’s a place where a love for learning is obvious and encouragement reigns.

It’s a classroom where uniqueness and diversity are encouraged and applauded.

It’s a school where parental participation and partnership are welcomed.

It’s a fun, interactive environment so the child loves being there!