Midday Fix: Teaching math skills with football

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Morgan Schafer, Center Director


For toddlers/ preschoolers:
The little kids love to watch the on screen action! You can also do good with all that screen time by teaching your kids number identification. Just by watching the players’ jerseys on the screen, you can start with simple number identification. Take that lesson to the next level with this cute number identification game using cut out footballs and caricature players.

For grade schoolers:
Host a football watching party with your kids' friends -- with a catch. Have the kids organize the party snacks in ratios (make a trail mix with 1/4 raisins, 1/4 chocolate chips, 1/2 cereal), etc. This is a Mathnasium adapted method for teaching kids about fractions.
You can also use the internet to play a fun football online game like Tackle Math Ball http://mrnussbaum.com/tackled/ to get grade schoolers adding up or subtracting their favorite football scores.

Mathnasium Snack Mix
1 serving

1 cup Cheerios
1 Tbs chocolate covered sunflower seeds
5 banana chips (approx. 1-2 Tbs)
1/4 cup raisins
4 yogurt covered pretzels (approx. 1- 2 Tbs)

Have kids use measuring cups to identify how much of each snack to mix together (little kids can learn basic measurement)

Once one serving is created, older kids can learn the following math concepts:

If you make 2 servings of mix, how do you double the recipe?

What is the ratio of banana chips to pretzels?

What percentage of sunflower seeds to Cheerios?

For middle schoolers:
By managing their own fantasy teams and computing and tracking players’ statistics, kids get a practical lesson in team management AND math concepts.
Draw up some football plays of their favorite teams using a football drawing schematic and have the older kids figure out the angle of the pass the QB needs to throw, as well as angle running back needs to run or run patterns of the wide receivers.