THE MORNING AFTER: Here we go – already

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TAMPA, FL - SEPTEMBER 17: Quarterback Mike Glennon #8 of the Chicago Bears throws to an open receiver during the fourth quarter of an NFL football game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on September 17, 2017 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images)

TAMPA – It’s only a matter of time, right? You can’t keep the future down, correct? At some point, he’s got to get some experience?

Yes, these are all true. Mitchell Trubisky  probably should – and most likely will – play at some point during the 2017 season. Recent history in the NFL and even the limited history of Bears’ first round draft picks would say that’s the case.

The only question was when. Would it be in November or maybe late October? Could the Bears get through the first month without the chatter starting about the rookie from North Carolina taking snaps under center instead of the intended starter?


Not even six quarters into the season, enough whispers have started in the fanbase. On Sunday, Mike Glennon brought out the worst fears and the greatest hopes of Bears fans all at the same time and he did so in 30 minutes football.

One half, two interceptions, one fumble lost. One of the turnovers was immediately turned into six points while the other two led to the Bucs building up a 26-0 leads at the half. It looked like the performance Jay Cutler put on at the same venue about ten months earlier and like him, Bears fans may already be looking to get rid of this man they’ve called the team’s starter for just two games.

Hence the first question asked to John Fox wasn’t about Glennon, but rather his possible replacement.

“No. I don’t think anybody, without even seeing the tape yet that you can pin that on the quarterback,” said the Bears coach when asked point-blank if Trubisky would start next week. “Like I said earlier, everybody had their hand in that.”

That’s a tough point to get across to fans who are quarterback inpatient by nature. Glennon’s signing was met with healthy skepticism and that faith was slightly eroded when the Bears leapt up a pick in the draft to get Trubisky. With the signal caller of the future already in-house, the countdown was on right from the start, then got accelerated by the rookie’s strong preseason showing.

Glennon didn’t do anything to hurt himself too bad in the opener against the Falcons, but he didn’t help either. Few shots downfield led to a collection of short check-down throws and when he had to get a connection down by the goal line late, it didn’t happen. To be fair, Glennon’s receivers let him down in that sequence which could have given the start of his era and incredible boost.

All of that goodwill – and it was just a bit – disappeared in that first half. Once the ball ends up in the other team’s hands, especially with the issues Cutler had during his time in Chicago with interceptions, a request to believe in a quarterback falls on deaf ears.

“Obviously not what I envisioned but it wasn’t a revenge game at all for me,” said Glennon, whose trip back to face the team that benched him in 2015 then let him go after 2016, didn’t exactly work out to plan. “It wasn’t like I pressed at all, it was just three bad plays that were costly.

“Other than that, we moved the ball well, we just didn’t put ourselves in a situation where we could compete in the game and that falls on me.”

So does the pressure of chatter that will inevitably being now. So much for hoping it would get to October or November. The call for Trubisky is already beginning on September 18th, just after Week 2. Don’t expect it to cool down anytime soon.

“No, there’s been no communication of that so there is no reason to worry,” said Glennon when asked if he’s worried about a quarterback change.

Don’t expect that to be the last time he hears that question. Competition is coming, or at least the fans hope. Too bad it had to happen so early.