Lunchbreak: National cheeseburger day

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Chef David Hardy

SafeHouse Chicago
60 E. Ontario
(312) 313-1007

The Mother of All Burgers

USDA Angus Beef
Peppered Bacon
American Cheese
Top Secret Sauce (a mixture of Thousand Island & Horseradish)
Brioche Bun


Assembly Instructions:
This burger bomb starts with shaping two 3.5 oz patties of USDA Angus beef and smashing on a flattop griddle (for spies with limited gadgetry access, Control suggests a heavy pan on a medium high heat stove top). Once the pan has reached a state of high heat, add one teaspoon of oil and cook the two patties for 2.5 minutes per side. A seasoning blend of salt and pepper (to taste) should be applied at his point. You can add cheese at this point to melt on the patties.
Intelligence indicates that a small egg should then be pan-fried over medium heat, being careful to achieve a slightly runny yolk. Simultaneously fry peppered bacon to optimal crispiness.
Assembly includes anchoring with lettuce and tomato on the bottom, then topping with American cheese, peppered bacon, and fried egg.
Carefully execute drizzled secret sauce on top. The recipe, developed in a secret underground lab at Langley, is reportedly a blend of Thousand Island dressing with a small amount of horseradish.
Final step is to top burger with a buttered and toasted Brioche bun. Serve with French fries or cheese curds.
*Can also do all this on a medium to medium high grill.