Kane, Schmaltz & DeBrincat team up on Blackhawks potential “All-American” line

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CHICAGO - When the Blackhawks open preseason play Tuesday night in Columbus, it's likely you won't see Patrick Kane, Nick Schmaltz and Alex DeBrincat on the ice together.

But, they might be teaming up when the puck drops for real on October 5th.

The "All-American" trio has made for an exciting line combination the past few days of training camp. All three skated together on the Blackhawks second line Monday for the second straight day.

DeBrincat is by no means a shoo-in to even make the roster. Coach Quenneville said the 19-year-old phenom will make the decision for him based on how he plays.

If he does end up joining Kane and Schmaltz, it would make for one of the shorter lines in the league with heights of 5'7", 5'11", and 6'0".

Although, what they'd lack in size, they'd more than make up for in speed and youth.

In fact, Kane - the soon to be 29-year-old - would be the oldest by a long shot.

"It's pretty crazy how time flies. You look at someone like, Jokiharju, our first round pick. I think he's a '99 birth year. I was an '88 and I thought I was young for a long time," laughed Kane. "You look at the game these days, it's a young man's game. A lot of these kids are coming in and having an impact right away their first one or two years in the league. It's good to see. It's good for the game. They come in with so much energy that it kind of picks up the energy throughout the whole locker room."

If Kane and Schmaltz don't make the trip to play the Blue Jackets, they'll likely make their preseason debut on Thursday at the United Center against the Detroit Red Wings.