‘Narcos’ location scout fatally shot in Mexico

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"Narcos" follows drug kingpin Pablo Escobar's cocaine empire.

TEMASCALAPA, Mexico — Carlos Munoz Portal, 37, a location scout for the Netflix series “Narcos” was fatally shot in Mexico last week while scouting filming sites for the show’s fourth season, the Washington Post reports.

Munoz’s car was found on a remote, unnamed dirt road in Temascalapa. His body was found in the car with several gunshot wounds, the Washington Post said.

A friend said Munoz was driving to the south-central part of the country to photograph possible locations for the show. The friend said he might have drawn unwanted attention to himself as a foreigner with a camera.

“Narcos” follows drug kingpin Pablo Escobar and his cocaine empire. The first two seasons were set in Colombia.