Police seek ring of ATM skimmers

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PORTAGE, Ind. -- It’s a high-tech crime police are seeing more of and they say there is a ring at work in Chicagoland hacking ATMs and stealing credit card data.

If they get yours, they can make a carbon-copy of your card and make some big charges.

Security footage shows two males in a white van installing the skimmer on Sept 3 at the U.S. federal credit union in Portage, Indiana.  On Sept 8, the same camera catches a woman with dark hair in a white Chrysler removing the device.

Credit cards, cloned with that data, have already been used at businesses around Hinsdale.

Police are frustrated and technology favors the criminal.

“As more and more technology advances, they’re going to try and hack it,” says Tim Fast, an ATM tech.

The crooks also chose a drive-thru ATM at a fairly remote bank in Indiana. But they left pictures and police think it’s just a matter of time.

It’s unclear how many victims there have been.  Police say about a half-dozen have been identified so far and their card data was stolen between Sept 3rd and last Friday.

Investigators are hoping someone recognizes the faces in the security photos and gives them a call.