Some Cubs’ players families caught in Hurricane Irma’s path

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CHICAGO -- It's one of the biggest series of the season, but the Cubs are thinking about more than just baseball.

Hurricane Irma is barreling down on Florida, where a number of the team's family and friends are either trying to get out in time or hunker down and prepare for the worst.

Albert Almora Jr.'s parents are staying put. They have a lot of animals to care for, including five dogs, two cats, a bird and fifty chickens running around their backyard  which makes leaving tough.

"Family's everything to me. I know there's going to be a stretch where I don't hear anything from them and I don't know what I'm going to do. It's going to be tough, especially tomorrow during the game," explained Almora Jr. "Like I said, I'm confident that my house is going to hold up and my family's going to be alright, but you don't know. There's going to be a stretch where everything goes blank and I'm just going to have to wait for a phone call."

Joe Maddon's wife Jaye is making a break for it. But, that brings its own set of challenges.

"The biggest concern, always, is just gasoline," noted Maddon. "How far can a vehicle go? I've been in touch with her all day. They're going to leave early this evening. Apparently, they think that if they leave in the evening it might be somewhat easier. Traveling with two dogs and a cat makes it a little more difficult also."

"Just want her to get out of there as quickly as she can and start reporting as she gets along the way," he said.

Earlier this week, Anthony Rizzo tweeted that his family in Florida had gotten out safely and that they were staying with him in Chicago.

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