Volunteers help bring clean up kits to areas hurt by Harvey

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HOUSTON -- Another beautiful rain free sunny day in South East Texas Wednesday was helping dry out the floodwaters. But some counties still have to deal with remaining floodwater.

This is an essential part of the Red Cross relief efforts -- helping people clean up their homes and make them sanitary again.

As you can imagine sewage, contaminated waters, mold are all a concern.

The supplies that come in here are either donated or purchased through donations from people, some of whom are watching WGN.

The supplies are packaged into a clean up kit which are then given out at dozens and dozens of locations throughout the area.

For some of the volunteers like the college kids from AmericaCorps, this is their first rodeo.

Others like Travise Smith are veterans who've helped countless people after a tornado or a hurricane like Katrina, pickup the pieces and move on.

Travise left her job in South  Carolina helping folks in an assisted living center to help the survivors of Harvey.

There are six distribution centers established in Southeast Texas.

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