Midday Fix: The Modern Parent’s Guide to Facebook and Social Networks

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Scott Steinberg

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The Modern Parent's Guide to Facebook and Social Networks


Limit Access:
You can control who sees kids’ status updates, photos, location and other information shared online. Many social networks allow you to designate posts’ visibility, and limit access to specific individuals vs. the public at large.

Manage Connections:
You can also control settings that govern whether kids can be searched for and found, and who can send them messages or friend requests – make a point of doing so.

Prohibit Posting:
Several networks let you determine whether or not others can post on your profile, tag you in photos, or mention you in posts – take advantage of these features.

Inhibit Apps:
Applications can often access your profile and personal information by default. Be certain to configure privacy settings for each app, which are operated by third-party creators, and may share your status updates, photos, location and more.

Block Baddies:
In extreme cases, you can block and blacklist others from being able to view your children’s profiles or online activities.

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