Smart road tech, Pace buses come to highway in Northwest suburbs

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CHICAGO -- Smart road technology and pace buses have come to I-90 in the Northwest suburbs.

Things might be getting smoother on the Jane Adams toll road for drivers and Pace riders.

Today launched the tollway's new smart road signs, which have been installed over 16 miles of I-90 from Barrington road to the Kennedy Expressway.

The signs are designed to give drivers current travel information to make their commute go a little smoother.

For example, a yellow diagonal arrow means you should change lanes, a down arrow means to drive in your lane with caution and an X will appear when the lane is closed ahead and a green down arrow means all is clear.

The signs will stay black if there is no information to pass along.

You'll also see a sign for the new flex lane on the left inside shoulder, which will now accommodate pace buses.

We got a chance to ride on the new high tech Pace buses which will be allowed to use that flex lane in an effort, officials say, to get passengers to their destination on time, regardless of delays in regular traffic.

The smart road technology will pair with traffic apps like Google and Waze to keep travelers in the know before they leave the house. Technology, officials say, making for a smoother commute now and well into the future.
Park and ride stations are also being added to the stretch, one at Randall road is already open, others are underway and should be finished by years end.

Pace has already seen a pretty significant increase in ridership on the I-90 corridor since it began adding routes this past December, up on average they say about 20 percent per month.

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