Former Julian High School football player shot, killed in Washington Heights

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CHICAGO -- Police are looking for a suspect who shot and killed a former Julian High School football player while he was sitting in his car Sunday night in Washington Heights.

Jeremy Tang was about to turn 21 years old, but instead he was gunned down in his car. Tang played football at Julian High School and went on to attend Morris College in Alabama.

"That’s a loss of talent to not only this community, but to our city and to our country,” said Beverly resident Russell Nicholson.

Chicago police say Tang was shot in the chest while he was sitting in his car with a friend on the 800 block of west 102nd street just before 9 p.m. Sunday. Chicago police say the person he was with is in critical condition.

Tang was taking some time off from college in Alabama and living with his mother in Beverly. Neighbors in the area say they heard about 10 reports and thought they were fireworks, but now believe they could be related to the gunfire that eventually killed Tang two miles away in Washington Heights.

Chicago police claim crime was down this Labor Day weekend compared to 2016. Since Friday, 42 people were shot, five fatally, According to the Chicago Tribune.

"Although it’s not a victory, it’s something we like to see - we’re heading in the right direction,” CPD First Dep. Supt. Kevin Navarro said Monday.

Police say they recovered 100 guns, deployed 1,300 extra officers and specifically targeted the people who are driving the violence over the holiday weekend.

"We were able to get warrants for them and take them off the streets before the weekend started,” Navarro said.

Police credit the decrease in violence to many of those so-called troublemakers being in court over the weekend and being held in custody on high bonds. The shooting of Jeremy Tang is still under investigation.

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