Rainbow PUSH Coalition collects donations to send to Texas, Louisiana

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CHICAGO – At the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, it was the word spoken inside that correlated to the work just beyond the doors.

Kijai Campbell is one of the many at the coalition Saturday, who were packing up donations from Chicago to be sent to recovery efforts in southeast Texas and parts of Louisiana.

“People are responding tremendously with dry goods and clothes and diapers and underwear, and there’s a role that people must play in their hearts,” Rev. Jesse Jackson said.

Those hearts of giving will fill a 53-foot trailer just outside Rainbow PUSH headquarters on Drexel. It will make its way to the people whose lives are in disarray down south.

“I’m just sorry that they’re going through this. Every day we have something tragic go on in the world and this is one that is hard to come back from,” Campbell said.

“We want people to realize that now is the time to step up,” Dorothy Brown, Cook County Clerk of Courts, said.

Brown’s daughter one of the thousands rescued from the flood waters in Houston.

“She lost everything. It’s just devastating so we’re doing everything we can to help her,” Brown said.

These donations are a way Chicago’s big shoulders can show Houston just how big of a heart it also has.

“It moves my heart to see people come out and give back like that,” William Calloway, a volunteer, said.

“I just want them to stay strong, have faith believe in their god and understand that we will send what we can to help them,” Campbell said.