Lake County volunteers heading south to help Harvey victims after Texans aided in Lake County flooding

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LAKE COUNTY, Ill. -- Hurricane Harvey swept through Texas, devastating communities, who are left coping with flooded streets and homes. In Illinois, a group of people from Lake County can empathize with the hardship and are heading south to lend a hand to those in need.

In July, Lake County suffered its own flooding, and a group of more than 24 people from Southern Baptist Disaster Relief came to Lake County to help the victims clean out their homes. The trained volunteers worked long days to carry out debris from damaged basements, cut out dry wall and mold. Now Illinois' branch of the Baptist Disaster Relief initiative will be doing the same in Texas.

This past month, the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief's affiliate group, Texas Baptist Men, sent out volunteers to Lake County to help with the cleanup. They left Illinois and returned to Texas just five days before Harvey hit.

Group supervisor, Chaplain Ric Worshill says he was amazed at how the local community stepped up to help the victims in Texas. They recalled how the Texas volunteers didn't have a place to stay. They ended up sleeping at the Wildwood Presbyterian Church in Grayslake and relied on donations for showers and food.

The local chapter of Southern Baptist Disaster Relief decided it’s time to return the favor.  They are planning to head down to Houston.

But they need to recruit at least 30 people to go.

“We’re looking for anyone who is willing to go down and do dirty work. Mud out cleaning is one of the hardest there is,” Worshill said.

While it may be tough work, some say it’s therapeutic.

“The easiest way to heal from something is to do something for somebody else who is broken,” Worshill  said.

For dates on the training sessions, visit their website.


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