It’s Time to Play…5 Things That Michael Rooker Would Never Say!

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I love Michael Rooker.  He has a tough exterior, but he's really a big teddy bear.

To me, he is one of the world's most underrated actors, too.

He has shown so much diversity in the roles he's had in his career.

From a serial killer to an alien, he really can do just about anything.

As a fan of The Walking Dead, I became obsessed with Rooker's voice.  I started walking around the house talking like his character Merle.  You see, Merle is a pretty badass character so I always thought it would be funny to use his voice and say things that are very anti-Merle.

I thought it would be fun to do to his face, even if it meant getting a scissor kick to the throat.

Thanks for being a good sport, Rooker!

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