Port Clinton Art Festival wraps up in Highland Park

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HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. -- Every year for the past 34 years, downtown Highland Park is over run by hundreds of artists.

Amy Amdur started the art fest and she makes sure there is a little something for everyone.

“You are going to see paintings, photographs, wood vessels. We have jewelry and wearable art,” Amdur said.

One of the most unique displays belongs to Dallas based artist Jennifer  Lashbrook.

“The picture kind of changes depending on your focal point,” she said.

It’s hard to tell the dramatic difference between what the naked eye and what the camera sees so WGN asked Aayan Mohammed to explain.

“(I see a) distorted face,” he said.

Lashbrook uses cut up paint swatches to create the images which also become clear if you use your camera phone.

Lashbrook enjoys the reaction her work gets when her images reveal themselves.

“Some reactions are just of shock when they look through their phones,” she said.

Skyscape photographer David Mayhew may be from England originally but he knows the Chicago skyline well.

“I primarily storm chase but I used to live in Chicago,” he said.

He uses a special technique to make the colors pop.

“I do increase the contrast and saturation but I also print on alumina basically bake the image into the metal so it`s super glossy,” he said.

That’s just a small sample of what the Port Clinton Art Festival had to offer.