Have other hurricanes brought serious flooding to Texas?

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Dear Tom,
I remember reading other hurricanes that brought terrible flooding to Texas. Details?
— Vince Malloy
Dear Vince,
Surprisingly they weren’t hurricanes, but two tropical storms stand out as being prolific Texas rain producers. In July 1979, cloudbursts associated with tropical storm Claudette brought 43 inches of rain to Alvin, Texas, just south of Houston, an amount that remains the heaviest 24-hour U.S. rainfall. In early June 2001, tropical storm Allison dumped more than 36 inches of rain in the Houston area, producing devastating flooding as it meandered along the coast, much like Harvey. Allison also produced 23 tornadoes, was responsible for 50 deaths and remains the only tropical storm to have its name retired. After drowning Texas, Allison’s heavy rains tracked across the Gulf Coast, then turned northeast into southern New England and the Canadian Maritimes.

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