Palos Heights woman winner of $393M – largest prize in Illinois lottery history

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393 million dollars.  It's the largest prize in Illinois lottery history.  And today it was awarded today to a woman from Palos Heights.

Patricia Busking  bought the winning ticket from Nick's Barbeque earlier this month. The restaurant's owner also gets a $500,000 bonus.

Pat is a retired health care worker. She says she only plays the lottery when the jackpots get really big.

The morning after the Mega Millions drawing, her husband Joe heard on the radio that the winning ticket was sold in Palos Heights.  Pat checked the newspaper and sure enough, her $5 Quick Pick ticket matched all six numbers.

She opted for the lump sum which will be $246 million before taxes. She plans to share the winnings with family and friends and donate to the family's favorite charities