House reportedly trashed by Irish soccer team in town for the summer; Neighbors happy to see them go

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CHICAGO -- It’s described as a scene out of the movie “Animal House” – young men trashing a two-flat during an all-night alcohol fueled party.

During the party, a reported Irish soccer team smashed windows and trashed the place just before they left the country.  But some neighbors on the quiet Logan Square block where it all happened say the team can’t leave soon enough.

Video taken by a neighbor early Wednesday morning – and posted by DNA Info -- in the aftermath.  The soccer team smashed windows and bottles and flipped tables and couches in what neighbors described as a “frat house” blowout party.

Several neighbors say at least 10 men lived in the two-flat near the corner of West Prindiville and North Stave streets.  The building’s owner says it was sub-leased to the group without consent.   The men are soccer players from Ireland in Chicago for the summer with the Chicago Gaelic Athletic Association’s Padraig Pearse Chicago Club, a team made up of 20-somethings who are here on J1 visas, which are government travel documents granted for cultural exchanges.

Diana Bowden lives down the block and says the team has been a neighborhood nuisance all summer.

“They basically decided to smash their windows for fun – I thought somebody was being robbed,” she said. “They decided to destroy the house because it was their last night here. … They basically just trashed their yard, had a leather couch out there all summer.  By the end it was just torn apart.”

Neighbors also complained about open beer bottles and broken beer bottles in the grass, garbage and noise.

Police were called to the scene at 1:30 a.m. Wednesday.  No one was arrested.  Almost all of the team has gone back to Ireland  and the developer who own this building plans to tear it down within the next couple of months.