Kevin Sorbo on Hercules, health and new movie

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As a strong leading man and a hunky half-god, Kevin Sorbo brings a refreshing cadence to Hollywood. Growing up in Mound, Minnesota, a western suburb of Minneapolis, the "Sorbs" excelled at football, basketball, baseball and golf, but his true passion was always to be an actor.  After studying marketing and advertising at Moorhead State University and the University of Minnesota, Kevin moved to Dallas where he joined an actors theater group and began modeling and doing television commercials.  From there he headed to Europe where a 3-month travel plan turned into 3½ years of work in Milan, Paris, Munich, London, and Zurich.   When he finally made his way to Los Angeles he booked his first commercial audition there which shot in Sydney, Australia.  That 10-day trip turned into a six-month stay where he shot 7 commercials and joined a theater group.  Moving back to Los Angeles he studied acting with Bill Traylor at the famed Loft studios.  He also studied with Janet Alhanti, Richard Brander, Cameron Thor and Roy London.  During that time he also appeared in over 150 commercials and made prime time appearances as a guest star on shows such as “Dallas”, “Cheers”,  “The Commish”, and “Murder She Wrote”.  He also had leading roles in two pilots.  “Aspen Extreme” for ABC and “Condition Critical” for CBS.

Sorbo received international stardom when he booked the lead role in “Hercules, the Legendary Journeys” (1993-1999).  Originally designed as a 5-movie mini-series, the innovative action show received a tremendous response and proved that Kevin was just what Hollywood was looking for.  The movies were transformed into a weekly show and exploded onto the mainstream, passing up ratings topper  “Baywatch” as the most watched TV show in the world, airing in 176 countries.  Sorbo also directed and wrote on the series.  The worldwide success of Hercules spun off two other series:  “Xena, Warrior Princess”  (1995-2000) and “Young Hercules” (1997-1998), starring Ryan Gosling as the teenage Hercules.

Following the success of a 7 year run on Hercules, Sorbo went straight into tackling another iconic role to star in the lead as “Captain Dylan Hunt” in “Gene Roddenberry’s, Andromeda”.   This was the first pilot written by Roddenberry in 1969 after the original Star Trek series was cancelled. Andromeda debuted as the number one, hour-long show in first run syndication and remained at number one for its entire run.