Whose baseball is it anyway? Foul ball drama at the White Sox game

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A pair of fans debate who should get a foul ball in the second inning of the White Sox loss to the Twins in a second game of a doubleheader at Guaranteed Rate Field on August 21st.

CHICAGO – It’s a souvenir that most people dream of getting when they walk into any ballpark in the country.

Sometimes it produces a little more drama than intended.

We’ve seen that a few times here in Chicago, where the story of the baseball that left the field of play is more interesting than the action going on it.

Hence was the case last night at Guaranteed Rate Field on a foul ball hit in the second inning by Jason Castro that bounced its way in to the right field seats.

Two fans reached behind a seat to grab the loose ball. After that happened, one of the fans in a Frank Thomas jersey emerged with the ball. But once he came up, the woman who also went for the ball immediately grabbed it out of her hands and took it back to her seat.

Was that the right or wrong move? Many on social media started debating that along with the broadcasters on Comcast Sportsnet, who caught the exchange of the foul ball on tape.

The good news is that everyone in the end came out with a baseball.

A representative of the White Sox walked to the fan that had the ball taken away and handed him one of his own. As it turns out, all is fair in the stands when it comes to foul balls for at least one night.

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