Dance party held at John Hancock in honor of solar eclipse

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CHICAGO -- A dance party was held at the John Hancock Observatory, to celebrate the solar eclipse.
If a song had a sun or moon reference, it was on the astronaut DJ's playlist at 360 Chicago Monday afternoon.

Kids showed off their best dance moves complete with eclipse shades.

"I like that everyone's dancing ...just having a great time,” Lilli Duran said.

Feet away people pressed against the floor to ceiling windows trying to catch a glimpse of the eclipse through the midday clouds.

"It was pretty incredible. Even though it was a little cloudy. The sun you could see it through the clouds,” Ankit Mistry said.

The party at the John Hancock 360 observation deck was a chance for both adults and kids to celebrate and catch the moment together with some of the best views in the city. They served up Sun Crusher beer for the adults and Constellation mocktails for the kids.

There were planets and stars from the ceiling to people’s clothes.

“I got (this skirt) last week and wore it for the special occasion and be festive,” Kelly Kolton said.

The solar eclipse dance party was so popular, that tickets sold out within an hour after opening.

“A lady let me borrow her glasses which was really nice cause I didn't have any,” Elizabeth Escamilla said.

It was a brief sliver of time that will be remembered long after the dance floor cleared.

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La Grange celebrates eclipse with Moon and Noon celebration

In suburban La Grange, Ill., folks gathered in the town square for an eclipse celebration they call "Moon at Noon."

Some people were more interested than others about the solar eclipse.

They wrapped up their viewing party with some Moon Pies.

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