Sessions praises Miami for reversing sanctuary policy while blasting Chicago

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CHICAGO  — U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions slammed Chicago and other sanctuary cities, taking aim at Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the city’s crime rate.

It's no secret that the Mayor and the President are no fans of each other and today Sessions entered the ring and pulled punches, saying the mayor is directly responsible for our sky-high murder rate.

“If voters are concerned about losing federal grant money, call your mayor,” said Sessions/

He appeared before a crowd of police officers in Miami today and at that public forum, the nation’s number 1 law enforcement official slammed Emanuel over the mayor's pledge to keep Chicago a sanctuary city as long as he is in office. Sessions announced because Miami is in compliance with turning over illegal immigrants who commit crimes to the federal government to be deported, it is eligible for millions of dollars of federal grant money. Chicago and other sanctuary cities are not.

“It means more money for crime fighting,” said Sessions.

In his Speech Sessions singled out Chicago's crime rate, a “lawless city” and equating in large part to illegal aliens committing crimes, though Mayor Emanuel insists no evidence points to that.

“In Chicago a city with the same population of 2.7 million people more than 430 people have been murdered this year to date and they are expected to pass 700 by the end of the year. That's more than 3 times than in Miami-Dade,” said Sessions in Miami.

In recent days, under the mayor's direction, Chicago filed suit against the Department of Justice for withholding federal funds to sanctuary-cities.

Today, in response to the Attorney General's remarks, the mayor issued a statement saying,

“In a week in which the Trump administration is being forced to answer questions about neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and the KKK, they could not have picked a worse time to resume their attack on the immigrants who see America as a beacon of hope. Chicago will continue to stand up proudly as a welcoming city, and we will not cave to the Trump administration`s pressure because they are wrong morally, wrong factually and wrong legally.”

Police superintendent Eddie Johnson said that undocumented immigrants are not driving the crime rate and he wants his officers to concentrate on community policing and not immigration patrol.