Derrick Rose donates $7K to activist walking from Chicago to DC

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CHICAGO – A young man from Chicago is going the extra mile to make a difference, and he recently got a large donation from a well-known Chicagoan.

Two days ago, Demetrius Nash's mission to decrease gun violence got a huge boost from Chicago native and NBA star Derrick Rose by way of a $7,000 donation.

“I’m just humbled, I’m humbled by $7,000 and I’m humbled by $5 cause don’t nobody owe me anything,” he said.

His journey is to raise awareness about gun violence and to build hope in the youth through his violence prevention initiative “Replace Guns with Hammers.” The program aims to get young people off the streets and into the construction trades to help them rebuild their communities by rehabbing houses.

“No matter what type of opportunity you give them, if their mindset isn’t changed, they’re going to have that same mentality, it’s still not going to change anything,” he said. “So we’re looking to get them in the structures, beautify our community but also change the mindsets of the people.”

Nash said this first week has really been about getting into a rhythm. He said he’s getting eight hours of walking a day in and he’s meeting all kinds of people along the way.

“The reception has been amazing throughout America,” Nash said.

Wednesday was day six of Nash’s 30-day journey. He set out from his grandmother’s house on 79th and Kimbark last Friday--the start of his 672-mile journey to Washington D.C.

On Wednesday he gave an update on his progress via Skype as he was walking just outside of Plymouth, Ind.

“They say it was going to be a lot of racial tension here in Indiana but honestly, white people have been so receptive and so nice to me,” he said.

Special socks and shoes have kept the blisters away and kept him on track to reach his goal.

“My body’s holding up. I’m getting proper rest and supplements and stuff like that,” he said.

Nash said he expects to be in Fort Wayne, Ind., by Saturday.

His GoFundMe page has raised over $22,000. His goal is $50,000.

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