Chicagoans respond to Trump, North Korea remarks

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CHICAGO -- The president's comment about “fire and fury” is frustrating for some Chicago residents who are watching the developing situation closely.

“Current tensions are troubling because the aggression has never been quite this bold,” Jeong Im Yoo, anchor and manager at Korean Broadcasting Chicago, said.

With nuclear provocation at the center of rising tension between the United States and North Korea and heated rhetoric flying between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, she said she's hopeful the result will not be military action.

“We're always talking about two countries relationship. But hopefully, we believe the worst is not going to happen in the future ever," Yoo said.

“The new piece to this puzzle is not a North Korea. We have dealt with North Korea this way for 50 or 60 years. We know they are going to have certain provocative words, certain provocative phrases. And they’re going to continue to do things we don’t like. The new piece to all this is a U.S. administration who is willing to stoop to the level of North Korea that we haven’t seen before,” Karl Friedhoff, Chicago Council on Global Affairs, said.

Friedhoff describes the situation as precarious. He said the Trump administration should focus on diplomacy and sanctions.

“We're at this impasse. And the best possible option now is to pursue sanctions to try to continue to isolate them and make their lives a little bit harder than it otherwise would be and go for negotiations when the time is right and we think we can work something out, he said.

While this plays out, Friedhoff said any preemptive military action from the United States could have devastating consequences for U.S. allies if North Korea retaliates against South Korea or Japan.

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