Back in 2012, Glen Campbell told WGN how he wants to be remembered – see the full interview

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CHICAGO -- Back in 2012, legendary country singer Glen Campbell was in Chicago for a concert, and he and his wife Kimberly Woolen sat down for an interview with WGN entertainment critic Dean Richards. Campbell had recently revealed that he hhas Alzheimer's, and portions of the interview aired as part of a WGN Alzheimer's special. You can see the full interview, divided into 3 parts, in this post.

Campbell, who died Tuesday at the age of 81, told Richards how he wanted to be remembered.

"They'll know me for my guitar playing and singing. That's what I really, really enjoyed doing," he said.

He talked about how he used to carry around a little guitar everywhere he went -- a gift he received from his father.

"I try to live my life with my dad did. You don't lie, don't cheat, you don't steal. He said that'll ruin you more than anything," he said. "Open your life up. Don't do any of that BS. Because, ya know, it haunts you."

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