10-month-old hospitalized after consuming THC-laced gummy bear

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ELKHART, Ind. — A 10-month-old was hospitalized after eating a THC-laced gummy bear.

Police are working with the Department of Child Services to determine if this incident was criminal or an accident, WNDU reports.

“The mere possession of THC is illegal, but was there a criminal act that happened that led this child to consuming this gummy?” said Sgt. Chris Snyder of the Elkhart Police Department.

Officers were called to the hospital where the 10-month-old was being treated, according to Sgt. Snyder.

“Through the course of treatment they had found out that the child had ingested THC, or marijuana,” said Sgt. Snyder.

This is the second case in a month involving THC-laced gummies. Eleven Indiana teenagers ended up in the hospital after eating the gummies in LaPorte County.

The investigators are working to learn more about who brought the THC gummies into the house, and why the baby was exposed to them.

No arrests have yet been made. As the investigation progresses, police and DCS will determine the appropriate course of action according to Sgt. Snyder.

Sgt. Snyder believes the baby is doing well. According to him, the hospital will only stay in contact with the police if the child’s condition gets worse.

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