Flight delayed or cancelled and no refund in sight? There’s an app to help

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It's summer travel season and the airlines are ready. The flight boards are full at O’Hare and Midway and so are the planes. All too often, delayed or cancelled flights leave passengers stranded or even bumped off of flights.

In fact, Chicago remains one of the top three cities in the U.S. with the busiest airports. It is a hub for airlines like United and Southwest alone, and that means millions of passengers are finding themselves passing through - or getting stuck - in the Windy City every year.

However, a free app called AirHelp, is taking the hassle out of dealing with airlines by notifying passengers about their rights to compensation.

Since the app’s launch in 2013, the Air Passenger Rights Advocacy company has helped more than 2 million passengers collect over $200 million.

Hannah Hager of AirHelp said, “10,000 flights were eligible arriving into Chicago last year between the months of June and August.  Which means people flying through Chicago have a high probability of having some cash back.”

AirHelp also notes that millions of other passengers are eligible for compensation of some sort and only 2 percent know about it and act on it.

Here’s how AirHelp works:

If you get stranded at an airport, either domestically or internationally, download the free app and take a picture of the bar code on your boarding pass. You can also add your flight route, flight number, and a statement explaining your flight situation.

The app will then tell you almost immediately whether or not you’re eligible for compensation, in the form of money, miles or points.

In all successful cases where money is awarded, AirHelp will take 25 percent. However, when the compensation is points or miles, the passenger keeps it all. It’s worth noting that when there is a payout for flights, the average is about $600 per passenger.

Something else to keep in mind, right now fliers can’t get cash back for domestic flights, but internationally, passengers can get four times the price of their one-way leg with a $1350 cap.

AirHelp also assists with luggage claims.  If your luggage is lost or damaged, you can get up to $3,500.

The airlines hope you won’t cash in or will give up trying when it comes to your troubled flights. Luckily, AirHelp is here to help you out, and they won’t give up. AirHelp even has a team of lawyers with a 95 percent success rate in court. The app uses algorithms to process your claims quickly and efficiently.

More information at https://www.airhelp.com/en/mobile/