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Against all odds: Identical twins born with Down Syndrome

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TOPEKA, Kan. — Brynnlee and Blakely are just one pair of only a handful of identical twins with Down Syndrome in the entire country, WIBW reports.

Nicole Taylor learned of her twin’s rare condition months before their birth, and her decision to keep the twins knowing that they both had an extra chromosome was a difficult one.

“One is a million, I was like, ‘Why me?'” Nicole said.

“I called my mom, crying hysterically, and she was like, ‘You have to go through with this.'” Nicole said. “At first I didn’t think I could go through with this, but I’m so glad I did.”

As if the odds weren’t scary enough, one of the twins almost didn’t make it out of the hospital.

Both of the twins spent weeks in the NICU after birth, but Brynnlee’s first year was filled with feeding issues and heart surgery.

Now, Brynlee and Blakely are 18 months old and you’d never know there was an issue at all.

“They are a lot of work, but they love their brother and sister so much.” Nicole said. “They are ornery as ever, too, and they know it.”

TARC has been with the twins since day one, according to Nicole. This nonprofit provides weekly therapy sessions that will make a huge difference later on in life.

“I’ve known some kiddos who haven’t had the early intervention, and they are very delayed.” Nicole said. “I want them to have a chance, I want them to succeed in life.”

Tarc’s children’s service programs help hundreds of children  succeed in life, and there’s no charge to the parents.

You can donate to help kids like Brynlee and Blakely recieve therapy and other services vital to their development.

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