There’s something for everyone at the Newberry Library Book Fair

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CHICAGO -- The Newberry Library Book Fair has over 100,00 different books divided into 70 different categories. The popular fair is in its 33rd year and is showing no signs of slowing down"

"People around here just love books. They have run out of books, and as long as people have books they need to get cleaned out and books they need to buy, we’re golden,” Dan Crawford, fair manager, said.

There are books at the fair for the history buff, the political junkies, the classics lover and the self-helper.

Crawford has been the book fair manager for the past 23 years.

"There's a little of everything. Fiction or non-fiction, military history, archeology, everything from a paperback novel to a medical officer’s reminiscences about being on the front lines in the War of 1812,” Crawford said.

While you can find books here for as little as a dollar, there are some pretty rare finds like a book of Jimmy Stewart's poems, autographed by the legendary actor as well.

There's also a biography of Ruth Page, personalized by the Chicago dancer and choreographer—one of six signed copies in the world.

For “West World” fans, you can find the only 1979 paperback copy of Michael Crichton's screenplay for the film and popular HBO series here at the fair.

And, there's a timely auction going on in the collector's room. Based on last year's election, autographed copies of Hillary Clinton's “Hard Choices” and Donald Trump's the “Art of the Deal.”

Trump's book was ahead, but all of the results haven't yet been tabulated. The Book Fair runs through Sunday, when all of the books will be half price.

Most of the books at the fair sell for about $3. The fair picks up Sunday morning at 10 a.m. and runs until 6 p.m.

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