Trump takes jab at Mayor Emanuel during rally speech in Ohio

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio -- President Donald Trump mentioned crime in Chicago during another rally.

The president gave a speech in front of a crowd of supporters in Ohio.

He told them no other president has done as much as he has done in the first six months -- that included law enforcement taking on gang members in cities.

Then he mentioned Chicago's gun violence, with a subtle shot at Mayor Emanuel.

"This month in Chicago, there have been more than two homicide victims per day. What the hell is going on in Chicago?", Trump said.

"Better tell that mayor to get tough because it's not working what they're doing," the president added.

So far, we have not heard from the mayor's office.

President Trump also talked about the justice department's new crackdown on so-called "sanctuary cities".

The new policy withholds federal money from local governments unless they give immigration authorities access to jails and provide advance notice when an illegal immigrant is about to be released.


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