PHOTOS: Kris Bryant fields fireballs in RedBull photoshoot

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TEMPE, Ariz. — Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant is on a hot streak…literally.

The reigning MVP is no stranger to the “hot corner” on the baseball field. However, that took on a whole new meaning when he was fielding actual fireballs for his most recent RedBull photoshoot, showcasing the talent and bravery it takes to play in the Majors.

Don’t worry Cubs fans, your favorite third baseman was completely safe, wearing flameproof Adidas Nomex underpants and a long-sleeve shirt that actively pushed heat and sweat away from the body.

“It’s called ‘the hot corner’ because you barely have any time to react.” Bryant told RedBull. “We’ve got fire extinguishers, safety people, I’m not getting hurt.”

The balls and bat were drenched with gasoline before being lit on fire with a blowtorch. Bryant managed the shoot without getting singed, but Redbull says his Rawlings glove got pretty toasted.