Harsh wind, flood waters cause damage for woman in two different towns

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SHERIDAN, Ill. -- For one west suburban woman, it’s a double dose of weather-related headaches.

First tornado-like winds struck her block Friday in Itasca. Now she’s watching water rise at her family farm on the Fox River.

First the wind and then the water. The woman who owns the farm joked a fire might be easier to go through.

It has been a battle with the elements dealing with weather concerns at two properties.

We first met Cindi Vinci on Saturday in the aftermath of a powerful microburst that hit Itasca, Ill.

According to the National Weather Service, the storm brought straight line winds equivalent to a low-level tornado.

“It was crazy intense. I have never lived through this before, I hope to never live through it again,” Vinci said.

Her block, Elm Street, was the epicenter. There were uprooted trees, downed power lines, damaged vehicles and homes.

Just as she’s cleaning up from the wind damage, she’s concerned about another situation at her farm along the Fox River.

“Because of all the rains up north, everything has come down here,” Vinci said.

Water is gushing in from Wisconsin and northern Illinois and now swelling the river here about 70 miles southwest of Chicago.

Vinci said authorities in the area have warned a flood watch is still in effect until at least Wednesday.

“You’re at a saturation point here. It can’t even go anywhere anymore,” Vinci said.

There are spots of standing water on the farm, where she grows corn and beans and takes care of cattle.

She says she’s hoping for a dry week.