The surging Cubs are part of Dave Wischnowsky’s visit to Sports Feed Sunday

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CHICAGO - Two weeks ago, the Cubs entered the All-Star break a team at the crossroads.

Under .500, they didn't look like the squad that won the World Series the fall before. As just Wade Davis and Joe Maddon headed to the All-Star Game in Miami, the Cubs were five-and-a-half games behind the Brewers in first place.

Fourteen days later, they're right back near the top again.

The Cubs entered their game with the Cardinals just a half-game behind Milwaukee in the division standings with a combination of pitching and hitting that made them World Champions in 2016.

Columnist Dave Wischnowsky watch the first three wins of the second half for the Cubs in Baltimore and has been watching their winning streak ever since. He discussed the team on Sports Feed Sunday with Josh Frydman and Andy Masur.

Watch Dave's discussion in the video above or below.